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Bahia is low maintenance, has a deep root system, can withstand sandy and infertile soil, is not prone to many diseases or insects and does not require water or fertilization.


Floratam does best with moist and fairly fertile soils in higher temperatures, can withstand weed control and is ideal for pastures and yards. It does best in full sun and cannot withstand cold weather.


Palmetto is a versatile grass; it demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat and drought tolerance. This variety of St. Augustine has good weed control, disease resistant and can withstand heavy traffic.


Zoysia is a tough grass and an aggressive grower. It provides thick, carpet-like coverage. Zoysia does well in drought conditions, is salt tolerant, can withstand heavy foot traffic and has a deep root system.


Bermuda is a lush, green grass able to withstand warm weather and heavy foot traffic. It prefers full sun and is very salt tolerant. Bermuda becomes dormant during colder temperatures.


Artificial Turf is a surface of synthetic fibers ideal for sports fields and playgrounds. Artificial Turf is Eco-friendly; it requires no watering, fertilization and no mowing and maintenance.